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Motos, aliadas de emprendimientos nacionales

Having efficient and safe mobility is essential for the economic reactivation of the country, and in this objective, motorcycles are great allies, due to their versatility and economy.

According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC), during May and June 2020, unemployment in Ecuador increased by 13.3%, as a result of the pandemic, which forced the closure of many companies.

This prolonged situation of uncertainty has motivated many Ecuadorians and residents in the country to look for new job alternatives, that allows them to obtain resources for their families and meet all your obligations, and to achieve these objectives mobilization is a vital element, by becoming a tool and / or source of income, with which day by day they can generate more work and money.

Many jobs are also generated in the national assembly and in the sale of motorcycles

The situation of the actors and tools for population mobility in the country, in the context of the current pandemic, can be summarized as follows:

  • Public transport: represents a high risk of contagion, in addition to that, depending on the type of productive activity, it may not be the most suitable means of transporting considerable quantities of merchandise or valuables, due to insecurity or infeasibility.
  • Taxis: represent a moderate risk, depending a lot on the hygiene of the previous passengers, the vehicle and the driver. Its constant use would make the service or product more expensives of the entrepreneur, so it is not an alternative for long-term use and would rather be only for emergencies.
  • Own vehicle: It is great advantage If it is considered transporting bulk packages, permanent transfers and low chances of contagion, in the case of mobilizing alone and maintaining the proper biosecurity measures, by being in contact with other people. However, the owner must incur other expenses such as gasoline, secure parking and maintenance.
  • Bike: its use as a means of commercial transport depends a lot on the city and its earrings. In Quito, for example, there is no road culture of respect for cyclists.
  • Tricimotos: Comfort refers to the ergonomics for handling, which allows you to drive for longer without exhausting, given the softness that has to do with the shock absorber. They are inexpensive, especially for starting a new business.
  • Motorcycles: conveyance multifunctional and ideal for entrepreneurs who have a limited budget to purchase a vehicle and who need safe mobilization, because by driving them you are not in direct contact with other people, and Low cost as to maintenance and gasoline. In the case of having a small load, it’s possible add accessories as boxes or trunks that protect the merchandise or tools of work.

According to our consulted, Fausto Gutierrez, Marketing Manager of Indian Motos SA, official representative of the brand Bajaj in Ecuador, the motorcycle sector has had significant growth during this period of lockdown and mobility and health restrictions, because Ecuadorians have appreciated the utility and benefits that motorcycles can give them, especially at the time of undertake.

National assembly line

We are advising our clients to find the best work tool that suits their needs and budget”, He added. In this sense, one of the slogans of sales consultants is work with empathy, put yourself in the customer’s shoes, to offer you more than a product, a mobility alternative that allows you to achieve your goals.

Many ventures, that have arisen during this time and that are helping the economic reactivation of the country, are the domiciliary services and for this benefit motorcycles are the best means of transportation. Nicolas Nieto, for example, lives in Quito and he has a motorcycle and a car. For him, it is much better to move around on the motorcycle, since the maintenance cost is very low and the weather to get from one place to another is much less.

“The motorcycle is the most economical means of transport that exists, because it does not use much gasoline and the fact that saving you ten or fifteen minutes of traffic is excellent, says Nicolás, who also performs Home delivery for some establishments, since the pandemic began.

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