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Otra moto personalizada: la Blechmann R 18

Bernhard Naumann, also known as Blechmann in the customization scene, presents his version of the BMW R 18.

A strong character needs a strong name. “Blechmann” is a name as strong as metal. It is also the nickname of Bernhard Naumann, a renowned Austrian customizer. Together with BMW Motorrad it presents its latest creation: The Blechmann R 18.

With the new BMW R 18, BMW Motorrad presented the first production motorcycle of the brand for the segment “Cruiser” in April from 2020. Like no other motorcycle of the brand, this model is completely in the tradition of BMW motorcycles historical, both from the technical point of view as in regards to your design.

It is based on illustrious models such as R 5 and refocuses on the essentials of the motorcycle. Reason enough for Bernhard Naumann work as little as possible on the frame and technology and will use only original mounting points for the creation of the Blechmann R 18.

The Blechmann R 18 in detail

When starting with a new creation, Bernhard Naumann never use sketches beforehand. He gets inspired while working on his own motorcycle. «I draw my design directly on the object using the final material. This allows me to respond directly to the requirements and to be attentive to the proportions at all times “, explains the designer.

In the case of the Blechmann R 18, initially «put the cart before the horse»To be able to correctly evaluate the front fairing proportions. The sports car It is based on the original support structure of the rear fender, and the pilot and passenger seats.

The back light comes from Kellermann. The fuel tank has been modified a lot: on the one hand, it is more narrow, what makes it sports and expose the engine even more. On the other hand, it has cuts at the height of the knees, which further support the athletic line. The original head tube was used as the base for the handlebars.

Then Blechmann customized headlights. As with his latest custom BMW motorcycle «Giggerl«, A conversion of the BMW R nineT, the headlights were to have a subtle kidney-shaped design this time. Analogously to the classic boxer engine, Blechmann fitted a filament lamp in a prominent place in the center.

Here, too, the steering angle and forward-inclined headlight determine the basic design of the custom motorcycle. Bernard Neumann honed his customization efforts with discreet black paint and classic white stripes from BMW Motorrad. In total, the Blechmann team worked 450 hours in his version of the BMW R 18.

Definition of customization

Blechmann does not perceive that his work is that of a classic customizer. «My work begins removing parts of the original version until there is a blank canvas. As construction progresses, the design develops. I call this ‘rapid prototyping-Blechmann style’«Says the customizer. This is what makes your workshop unique.

For the most part, Blechmann works alone in their crafts and designs. If necessary, he has the support of carefully selected professionals. You cannot do anything in this world on your own. I am more than happy to have an infrastructure of reliable staff«.

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