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Consejos para motociclistas en época de Covid-19

Now that we are talking about a new normal to which we must adapt, in which mobility restrictions are more relaxed in order to reactivate the economy, precautions should not be set aside, indeed they should be extreme, because the virus has not gone away and motorcycle drivers, being one of the most vulnerable actors, especially on city streets, must maintain special discipline.

He low cost of motorcycles urban versus the cost of other personal transportation alternatives, the lower operating expense and his practicality to circulate on the increasingly congested city streets, are the main arguments that have motivated the rise of motorcycles as a means of personal and work transport in many countries of the region.

Besides, the health crisis and your requirements regarding biosecurity They give you another point in favor of the use of the popular motorcycles, because riding them favors social distancing and therefore reduces the chances of contagion compared to the mass public transport, despite respecting the capacity established by authorities.

Therefore, new living conditions They also require motorcycle users to add to the traditional security protocols, some additional measures that guarantee their wellness. In this context, here are some practical advice that should be taken into account so that the alternative mobilization on motorcycle be more safe:

  • Proper choice of tires: it should always be remembered that, whether by car or motorcycle, the tires are the only element that keeps permanent contact between the vehicle and the road. For this reason, it is essential that these are selected properly, especially when it comes to replace them or buy a second hand motorcycle, always considering the type of motorcycle that will be ridden and the use that will be given to it.

Here comes into play a special factor at the time of choose the new tires; engineering, innovation and technology are variables that determine the quality of them, as there are brands and brands. Besides the Technical specifications of each rim, which are integrated to favor aspects such as their performance, also the quality of traction, their maneuverability performance and the level of safety they offer should be taken into account.

  • The correct maintenance of the tires: Considering the importance of these, it is vital to periodically review your wear level, since grip and traction depend on this. Also, make sure that the tire pressure correct, reducing the risk of losing control of the motorcycle. The alignment and balancing These should also be part of a periodic review routine.
  • Observe the proper distance and speed when driving, respecting the traffic regulations that exist for this purpose, and always appealing to the prudence behind the wheel, they are essential on a motorcycle.

Drive without speeding, will allow to have more reaction time in case of an unforeseen event or mishap. Furthermore, within the framework of this new normal, keep a safety distance with respect to other vehicles is a indispensable rule, not only to avoid a possible collision, but also as a measure of biosecurity, just as we should do when we walk, keeping the appropriate distance to avoid being infected.

The traffic lights and the traffic jams are high points, where especially it is necessary avoid getting too close from other motorized or car drivers who have their windows open, and if you respect the crosswalks for pedestrians you will also be safe, just like them.

  • Always wear the approved helmet and the appropriate protective clothing: it is very important to use a helmet with a clasped, resistant and certified for the protection of motorcyclists, as well as the suitable protection accessories, that is: gloves, boots and jacket with reflective hi-vis or vest for the effect.
  • Thoroughly wash the motorcycle: If the user drives it all day or parks the motorcycle in different parts of the city, its recommended Daily wash, without forgetting the proper hand hygiene, before and after cleaning. Do not forget to dry the motorcycle very well to prevent moisture from causing damage.

  • Disinfection of frequent contact surfaces: it is best to always carry a disinfectant in portable container for regular application to areas of continuous contact such as the handlebars, brake and clutch handlebars, brake pedal, light buttons and mirrors. This also applies to the ignition keys.
  • Do not keep the gloves inside the helmet: many users have this habit for convenience, but in current sanitary circumstances it is vital not to do it for the risk of carrying covid-19 inside the helmet, which will then be in direct contact with the respiratory tract and mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth. It is best to carry the gloves in your hand and wash your hands after storing them.
  • Never share the helmet or clothing: this is a fundamental measure to prevent another person from contaminating or infecting them. Here it is also important to remember the use of the face mask (mask) when you go out and when driving.
  • Keep protective clothing isolated and clean: When you get home, it is best to completely remove all driving equipment, that is: gloves, jacket, helmet and boots / footwear, and leave them in a secluded and even better ventilated space. Ideally, wash such equipment on a regular basis. (E.Ch./AC/AM)

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