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Las motocicletas eléctricas ya son tendencia

Varied are the suppliers and brands that produce and market or rent electric motorcycles, especially in developed countries where the charging infrastructure is advancing at an accelerated pace. For example, in Spain the eCooltra – electric motorcycle that will compete with Car2go Y Emov– He will arrive in Madrid in this new year. The company specialized in rental Electric motorcycle is thus complemented by public transport and replaces private transport to a large extent and effectively, relieving the environment and promoting sustainable traffic, because its product does not emit gases into the atmosphere.

eCooltra is already carrying out the first tests in the Spanish capital with the objective of guaranteeing the quality of the service at the moment it is presented definitively in Madrid.

The electric motorcycle rental service is already operating in the city of Barcelona, avant-garde city in terms of sustainable and clean mobility. The company's objective is to extend this service not only to the Spanish capital but also to other European capitals such as Lisbon (Portugal) and Rome (Italy).

The cost of renting the electric motorcycle will be € 0.24, compared to the € 0.19 it costs the minute from Car2Go and Emov. It is important to note that electric motorcycles have a displacement of 50 cubic centimeters, which makes its circulation on fast roads such as the M-30 impossible, due to its high speed limits.

In the Iberian Peninsula, complying with the rules of driving and parking, one does not have to worry about anything else, referring to the motorcycle, since the helmet, insurance, maintenance and energy, eCooltra, the company that provides these versatile 100% electric motorcycles, which will have to face its great rival, Car2Go, the car rental company that has already reached two million users Worldwide. (I.)

The partners

The project has since its inception with the participation of reference agents in the automotive, innovation and development smart of urban mobility solutions.

Cooltra works in coordination with CEIIA, technology Center Portuguese specialized in aeronautics, automotive and mobility that equips the electronics of the vehicle and is responsible for the development of the App.

The fleet's scooters are from German manufacturer GOVECS, specialized in the development, production and distribution of electric vehicles and majority supplier of electric motorcycles for the eCooltra rental service.

Swiss firm ElectricFeel, specialized in the planning and management of mobility on demand, has led the development of the platform for the management of MotoSharing.

Finally, the technical direction of the project lies with Nektria, Catalan company specialized in solutions for the last mile. (HyE)

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