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Paseo anual BMW Motorrad Ecuador 2016

The guests on the walk

BMW Motorrad Ecuador and Álvarez Barba S.A. they gathered, once again, the lovers of speed, adventure and adrenaline in the annual “BMW Motorrad 2016” ride, in homage to the 100 years of the brand's life, in which it was used to present its new vision of the future. The tour began on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at the Álvarez Barba facilities in Quito, with the exhibition of several models of the brand and stands of the sponsors.


The route was 324 kilometers on the route Quito – Papallacta – Baeza – Tena – Puyo and Baños de Agua Santa, with final destination a hotel spa from the area Nearly 200 BMW motorcycles and 100 people participated in a lunch, courtesy of the hosts, followed by the raffle of several original brand prizes and important gifts from the sponsors. In addition, participants enjoyed fun integration activities, which were the highlight of the event.

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<p style=Rodolfo Carrión and Mrs. Pedro Álvarez, Ramiro Rosales and Mrs. and, Francisco Chiriboga

This group driving experience is already a tradition for the company and its customers, who in the company of their family and friends enjoy being part of the exclusive BMW Motorrad community in Ecuador.

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<p style=Pedro Álvarez and Álvaro Dávila, member of the Motorrad Pasto delegation

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<p style=Fabián Castro and Pedro Álvarez

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