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La deportiva eléctrica Kawasaki EV Endeavor

The new details of the Kawasaki EV Endeavor electric motorcycle prototype, which is in full development and that the Japanese brand in recent days has stopped hiding and has allowed us to know some of one of the most anticipated electric motorcycles, although what you are about to know may not have anything to do with the electric Kawasaki that will go on sale at dealerships in the coming years.

The project EV from Kawasaki has been developing for a long time. While in the EICMA 2019 We could already know the intentions of Kawasaki of manufacturing an electric motorcycle, it has not been until now when we have seen it in action. Apparently, the japanese brand He wants to warm his fans by showing short videos of his future electric motorcycle. Do they give many details? The truth is, no.

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An exciting electric motorcycle

Perhaps the main headline we can extract from these videos of the Kawasaki EV Endeavor is that the main objective of the brand is to keep the emotion in control with respect to sports bikes with combustion engine. Yes, the sound of the four-cylinder propeller of the ZX-10RR it will not be the same, here it will rather shine by its absence, but sound is not everything.

The Kawasaki goal is to create an exciting and effective electric motorcycle, fun even in circuit use. In addition, the brutal delivery of power and instantaneous torque of the electric motor will allow first-class performance, with acceleration and amazing recoveries. Although as a good electric motorcycle of your time, you will have a big problem. A problem.

With possible autonomy of up to 200 km

Kawasaki electric motorcycle will have a very fair autonomy, of 200 kilometers, (but not little compared to the competition) as expected on a current electric sports motorcycle. The space for the batteries is what it is and if you want to keep sports feeling, agility and fun, you cannot put hundreds of kilos of batteries in your chassis.

What seems clear is that Kawasaki is working hard to create a effective platform for electric motorcycles, since this sports motorcycle will not be the only one that will create the Japanese firm. It has been talked about Other options how interchangeable batteries, although it will be interesting to see how they support the rigidity of the chassis with an element of these characteristics.

Sports electric motorcycles will emerge like mushrooms in the forest. However, its use and interest among potential buyers is still to be seen, since its ease of use, due to the amount of charging stations It is still limited.

BMWFor example, he said that until the infrastructure does not improve, he will not launch his electric motorcycle, while others have already thrown themselves into the pool: Zero SR / S will be presented this monday February 24th and it will be an electric sports motorcycle.

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We will see when I eat Y where they present the Kawasaki EV Endeavor, an electric motorcycle that will surely cause many comments and that will be key in the future electrification of the range of kobe ​​maker.

We will closely follow its development, although it will probably be ahead of its time. As the Harley-Davidson Livewire and any electric motorcycle with extra urban claims That boasts. (Raúl Salinas / Auto Bild)

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